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    Accredited for crystalline silica analysis by FTIR by AIHA-LAP, LLC

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    Licensed for mold analysis by the
    Texas Dept of State Health Services

Lab Services

SGS provides a full range of top-quality industrial hygiene and environmental laboratory services that help clients identify, understand, and monitor potential public health hazards and environmental contaminants.


Accreditations & Proficiency Testing

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SGS is committed to quality and accuracy. Our three accredited locations follow strict quality control/assurance programs and have demonstrated proficiency in a variety of analytical testing areas.



In recent years, public awareness of the possible dangers of respirable silica has grown. Methods to detect this material are available and can help workers to plan how best to minimize their exposure. SGS is proud to announce that we are now accredited to analyze crystalline silica by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. Contact us for pricing and turnaround times.


Equipment Highlight

Biolog GEN III MicroStation System

SGS has expanded into food, health and pharmaceutical microbiology. Using the Biolog GEN III MicroStation, a carbon-based identification system, we can identify more than 2500 microorganisms to species. With the capabilities available in all of our microbiology laboratories, we can now identify just about every bacteria you throw at us!