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Laboratory Team


Beatriz Hinojosa
Lead Laboratory Supervisor (Carson Laboratory)

Ms. Hinojosa oversees the inorganic laboratory in the Carson facility. She is responsible for analyzing samples for lead using atomic absorption. She has experience in PLM and PCM analysis. Ms. Hinojosa has been working for SGS Forensic Laboratory since 2008 and received a B.S. in Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry from California State East Bay.
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Tiffani Ludd
Optical Microscopy Supervisor (Carson Laboratory)

Ms. Ludd supervises the optical microscopy laboratory at the Carson facility. She is responsible for conducting PLM and PCM analyses. She also oversees the scheduling of samples and monitors quality control of the optical laboratory. Ms. Ludd has more than six years of experience in preparing and analyzing fungal and bacterial samples. She has been with SGS Forensic Laboratories since 2001 and she received her B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of the Pacific.
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